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DreamBuilder Coaching

With the DreamBuilder Coaching Program you will be coached and mentored through a highly successful 90-day system that you will be able to use throughout your life.  The DreamBuilder Program was created by Mary Morrissey over 30 years ago and has been utilized successfully with thousands of people around the world to accelerate their results in discovering and manifesting their life dreams and life purpose.

The DreamBuilder program is also an excellent process for companies and organizations with an eye on growth in thier business, re-vamping their mission, vision and core values, or re-structuring their operations.  

"When you've exhausted all possibilities, remember that you haven't"          ~  Thomas Edison

A DreamBuilder Coach offers dynamic coaching programs tailored to your specific needs.  Each coaching scenario is carefully mapped out in its curriculum content and progress plan for maximum effectiveness.

The DreamBuilder program is takes you through 4 significant arenas designed to create lasting change in your life in a direction that you design.  Throughout the 90-day program you will work your way through the Blueprinting, Bridging, Building, and Becoming phases.  Each phase is carefully designed toward your success.  At the end of the 90 days, you will be amazed at all that you were able to accomplish.  You will be well on your way toward the life that you design.  I know the DreamBuilder program like the back of my hand and it would be my privilege to guide you through it.

During that 90-day period we will meet weekly for an hour via phone or other electronic media.  The DreamBuilder Coaching program is scheduled in 90-day increments due to the structure of the programs.  As an added value, you receive a substantial savings with a 90-day contract!  And, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

With the DreamBuilder Coaching Program you will have the option to sign up to coach with me One-on-One or be part of a Group of up to 6 people.  

  • One-on-one coaching is targeted specifically to your needs and goals. Our time together on the phone is focused solely on your progress.  This type of coaching may be of interest to you depending on how you learn best.  
  • Group coaching is an opportunity to hear the challenges and "wins" of your fellow participants and can be useful as you navigate discovering and building your own dreams.  

We can discuss these options further during your complimentary Discovery Session.

My complimentary Discovery Sessions often book up quickly, so if you're interested in scheduling one, please Contact Me.  You'll be directed to my calendar where you can select a time that works for you.

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy"        ~  Dalai Lama

To your happiness!