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30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Session

This area of the website is under construction - while it's under construction please email Demara at

to schedule your 30-minute consultation

I'm so glad that you have taken the first step toward your Life Dream and Purpose!  Below you'll see an area to provide your first name and email address.  Two things will happen once you enter this information:

1. You'll be added to me email list to receive occasional blogs and inspirations that I send out.  These are simple yet powerful thoughts to help you on your journey of self-discovery.

2. And then you will be directed to my calendar where you can find a Discovery Session day and time that works best for you.  I will be in touch with you to send you some information in preparation for our session.

 These sessions are designed to help you gain clarity about your life dreams, what has gotten in the way of acheiving them, and take steps toward them 

Please provide your name and email address below to gain access to my calendar to schedule your Complimentary Discovery Session.



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